Before + After

Before + After

Coffee table revamped. This lovely “pie crust” coffee table, entitled so due to its edges reminding us of a pie crust, has been revamped with some tender loving care. After hand sanding the table and removing some graffiti from a previous owner, we used a primer in grey.

After two coats of grey primer, we began covering the lovely table with a clean white satin paint. Due to the dark wood and previous staining, it took 10 light coats. Light coats work better, last longer and cover better overall. We suggest following the paint maker’s directions for dry time. This paint suggested drying time was 20 minutes between coats so we followed the directions. At one point we went out for some dinner so we let it dry while we were away and finished up more coats when we returned.

After a light sanding between the last 3 coats, we let it dry overnight. The next day we added three light coats of a sealer. We chose a satin sealer to stay with the paint we chose.


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