Funky Flea Market!

We have another Funky Flea Market coming up next month, and it will be our last one until the fall when it cools down a bit 🙂  I love these events because so many people come down and relax under their tents to show their artwork and sell their wares!  We have such a great time down here chatting with people from all over Florida and Georgia who travel over to share their creations with us.  At this event we allow people to sell almost anything, from handmade items to household decor and furniture, jewelry, clothing, books, dvds and more!

To reserve a spot for the Funky Flea Market, you can pay $10 through PayPal or in-store before June 5, 2013.  Click the flyer below to get started, or contact us at 850.224.6666 or



One response to “Funky Flea Market!

  1. If you do not know what a flea market is then you should know that it is a large market place where people sell their wares, whether new or used, but these are great places to find unusual and bizarre items, and even grab a bargain or two.

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