Thrift Shop Vs. Vintage Co-Op


by Zan Walker of The Other Side Vintage – Tallahassee, Florida

“Do people just give all of this stuff to you for free?” “Where do you get all of this stuff?” “What kind of store is this?” Questions we hear every day at The Other Side Vintage in Tallahassee, Florida. The answer to all of these questions and more, are what makes us unique. We are a combination of vintage boutique, second hand store, antique shop, thrift shop, estate shop, consignment shop, rental store, music store, gift shop, and so much more. To narrow it down, we like to call it a Vintage Co-Op.

You support over 35 locally owned businesses under one roof. They each have a booth space within the store and this affords us to offer unique, diverse and fun merchandise including furniture, clothing, art, jewelry, home décor, music, kitchenware, gift items, toys, electronics, books, collectibles, and more. Each booth has a variety of items that are curated from their buying trips all over the world with hand-made, upcycled, antique, vintage to trendy, retro and modern pieces. The store is not just booth spaces, we also have a large vintage vinyl record selection, an air-conditioned “pink door gallery” filled with furniture, art, and collectibles, and a wonderful rental program for theatre groups, photographers, films, runways, events and home stagers.

We purchase the majority of our items from our travels, locally from estates, thrifting, and from daily walk-ins at our Railroad Square Art Park location.  And yes, we do accept donations. When accepting donations, we will ask the client what their favorite local charity is, and we will proceed to make a charity contribution to that particular local charity. “Do people just give all of this stuff to you for free?” -NO.  “Where do you get all of this stuff?” -Anywhere and everywhere we can find it.  “What kind of store is this?” – a Vintage Co-Op proudly located in our hometown of Tallahassee, Florida

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