Dixie Belle Paint

We are now a Premiere Retailer of Dixie Belle Paint. You can order it here and we will ship it to you in the continental USA. You can also pick it up in the store, or order it from us on Ebay. We have tried many, many different paints over the past 19 years and Dixie Belle Paint is our favorite!


We have tried many, many paints, and this is one of the best chalk paints out there! No need for sanding or priming – just clean and start painting. 

Use any of our clear top coats for a flat, satin, or gloss finish.

Don’t want to use a top coat? There is no need for a top coat with Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint. Just let it cure for about 3 weeks for a soft matte chalk look.

Excellent coverage – easy to distress!

Use on wood, laminate, glass, ceramic, metal, fabric, and more.

Any questions – please feel free to contact us.

How much do you need to purchase?


A large jar will cover a large size dresser and 2 nightstands. The small jar will paint a coffee and 2 end tables. Dixie Belle Paint is very thick and a little goes a long way. The longer the lid stays off, the thicker it will get. If you’d like it thinner, no worries, just add a little water and stir. Add too much water? No worries, just leave lid off and it will thicken up. Whatever consistency you desire, Dixie Belle Paint will work for you!

Step 1


Clean your piece! This is the most important step! You must remove dust and grime. Sometimes soap and water with a damp rag will do just fine. Dixie Belle also has a cleaner that you can purchase called White Lightning. Two tablespoons of White Lightning will make a gallon of cleaner. It is an excellent cleaner!

Step 2


Always start with a DAMP brush. I always keep a small bowl of water handy. I lightly touch my brush tip to the water ever so often to keep my brush DAMP. It makes your paint go farther and allows the paint to glide on easily.

Step 3


Apply a small amount of paint to the tips of your brush. You don’t paint your pieces like you would paint a wall! Paint like an artist. A small amount of paint on a damp brush goes a long way.

Step 4


Apply thin coats of Dixie Belle Paint. It typically takes only 2 coats! I think of my first coat as my priming coat. It will look blotchy and usually not too pretty. After the second coat, it will be beautiful! Sometimes you will see brushstrokes, don’t worry, as the paint dries, they will begin to disappear.

Step 5


Dixie Belle paint will DRY “to touch” in about 15 minutes. Add clear top coat after 30 minutes. Ready for use overnight. If you don’t want to use a top coat, you will need to allow your piece to CURE 10-30 days. Cure time is the amount of time needed for the finish on a piece to reach maximum hardness and be ready for normal use. This is different than “dry time.” 

Popular Finishing Options:

– If you like the flat chalky finish, leave it as it or add top coat in flat.

– Clear top coats are water-resistant polyacrylics. These are available in flat, satin and gloss finishes. 

– Gator Hide is a very durable water-repellent top coat polyacrylic recommended for heavy used areas, such as cabinets or table tops.

– Best Dang Wax is a creamy, smooth, easy to use wax to add to your piece. It will remove the chalky look. Clear wax will brighten your paint. Other wax colors will change the color dramatically but still give a beautiful look. With some distressing, a wax can add a lot of character.

– Use Glaze to create depth and dimension.

– Our Patina Collection creates rusty, weathered effects.

– Crackle is used for cracked, aged looks.

– Sea Spray create a chippy, textured, weathered, sun-kissed look.

$7 shipping in the USA.