Before and After

We love before and afters. 

We are still working on replacing the top knobs. We took the photo before replacing them.


Just a few thing we unearthed

We love finding all types of goodies to bring into the store for our customers.



Just a few things we will be adding to the store, Instagram, Ebay and Etsy.

10 Best Places to Shop for Vintage in Tallahassee

The Other Side Vintage in Tallahassee, Florida

“Do you want to browse a vintage shop that sells an antique cupboard from the 1800s, faded high-waisted jeans, clip on earrings, The Stones on vinyl and an old tape recorder all at once? Meet your new favorite store, The Other Side Vintage in Railroad Square. Located inside a huge old warehouse, The Other Side carries anything and everything vintage, and customers rarely leave without a knick-knack in their hand. “[When I shop] at The Other Side I never have anything in mind when I go in. They have a big selection. I have gotten some old Cheech and Chong pins that I couldn’t find anywhere else,” said Tallahassee local Chris Wilson.” from the article linked below by Allison Kridle


10 best places to shop for vintage in Tallahassee, Florida

Take a break with a walk in the woods

Last week I was reading the blog of and it made me realize that taking breaks in nature is much needed when running a business. I woke up super early this morning excited to work on a furniture project redo. While revamping furniture there is always time in-between drying coats of paint. This is a great time to work on laundry for the store, answer emails, and work on the taxes, yet today I was inspired by Donna’s blog about her bike ride and the idea of being outside in nature enjoying a few minutes of fresh air called out to me. Yes, it was a bit chilly on this rare cold morning in Florida, but I was able to take a break while paint was drying and go outside into the woods that I love and take a nature walk. Just 30 minutes of walking and taking in the beauty of the woods down towards the lake and back was just what I needed. I am very grateful for this business that I love, and this beautiful city Tallahassee.


































































DIY Heart Tree at The Other Side Vintage


It is rainy, overcast and a bit dreary in Sunny Florida today. Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away so hearts are upon the mind. This fun DIY decor is easy to create. Find a larger, sturdy vase to use along with some clean sand. You could also use rocks, marbles or other items to put as the filler of the vase. Go outside and find a few trees branches to use as the tree. We found these on the ground after the recent Jonas blizzard of 2016 so no trees were hurt during this creation.  These branches are a few feet in height and have lovely off shoots to arrange the hearts upon. Use budget friendly filigree heart shaped doilies and arrange them to create your heart tree. You could add lights, 3d puffy hearts, pine cones, bows or any other creative additions. What a cute, inexpensive, and simple way to decorate for the holiday! Please share with us your photos of creating this Heart Tree and stop by and see us at The Other Side Vintage in Tallahassee, Florida!

A succulent teacup garden

We love vintage teacups. When we rescue them at tag sales and estate sales we can not wait to drink our afternoon tea from them. After a while we have quite the collection and have decided why not use them for more than just tea. There is a rare cold snap in Florida right now and we wanted to bring part of our garden inside. So a little succulent garden began by using our unique teacups to plant them in. [Even faux plants work!] Succulent teacup gardens are a great way to put to use those teacups with chips in them. These also make great living decor at weddings and other events, or as a thoughtful gift.  So the next time you are near Tallahassee, Florida stop by The Other Side Vintage and check out our unique teacups.


Beautiful vintage wood vanity desk

Beautiful vintage wood vanity desk. Measures 40″ wide x 17″ deep x 30.5″ tall. Call 8502246666 for more info/purchase.


IMG_57441 IMG_57451 IMG_57461